X Factor UK 2018 Auditions Details

The X Factor UK 2018 is a British music reality show. The show’s quest is to find the emerging singing talents of the country. The show was created by Simon Cowell in 2004, and since then many sequels and transnational spin-offs of the show has been created too.

X Factor UK auditions is one of the toughest and most competitive singing auditions. The number of talented singer that compete with each other is immense.

X Factor UK 2018 Auditions

About X Factor UK Auditions:

The show has been airing annually since 2004 on ITV network and produced by FremantleMedia’s Thames and Cowell’s production company Syco TV.

The title of the show, X Factor means, an impeccable talent, or that captivating quality within someone. The show, though looks for something like this only in the aspiring contestants.

The show begins with producer’s auditions which are not telecasted on the TV then. These are public auditions open for everybody. The producers go to various locations in the country in quest of a deserving talent. These auditions are thronged by lakhs of people. Only a handful are lucky enough to get a golden ticket in these auditions. The acts shortlisted by them get a chance to perform before the actual panel and a live audience. These auditions are telecasted on the TV along with certain spicing of the Public auditions. A candidate’s journey on the show is decided by the votes of the judges. If majority say 3 out of 4 vote in favor, then the participate gets to pass through that level.

X Factor UK 2018 Judges:

X Factor UK 2018 expected judges are Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger. Since the large number of singers participate in X Factor the judges have to be extra tough while taking auditions.

X Factor UK 2018 Auditions:

X Factor UK 2018 auditions yet to get started . If you dream to be the next X factor in UK, it’s better to start early.

X Factor 2018 Online UK Auditions:

Currently the auditions for 2018 are not open but once started you will be able to apply at https://application.xfactor.tv/ . We will update when it starts.

X Factor UK 2018 Auditions Requirement:

The expected minimum requirement for the 2018 audition will be of age limit which must be 16 years old. Proof of age and ID will be required at the first audition stage.

X Factor UK 2018 Open, WhatsApp & Mobile Auditions:

Last year we saw WhatsApp auditions for the first time and we can expect the same to happen next year along with Open and Mobile auditions. The details about auditions will be reveal on itv.com/xfactor.

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  1. Genesis says:

    I am 26 years old will I be able to audition please ? This has been my dream all my life .

  2. elli-may says:

    I want to be on the x factor

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